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Who can use this?

Everybody! If you have ever thought to yourself,"Where is my phone?", "Where is my teenager?", "Where is my car?", or Where is my spouse?" then this is for you. There is a short registration form and one file to download. After registering and installing MyPhoneLocator, you can start tracking your mobile device.

Check out the demonstration video below.

How does cell phone tracking work?

My Phone Locator uses your cell phone's internal GPS to track it's location. The application then sends the cell phone's coordinates to our servers using your cellular network. Once the coordinates have been received, you can login to the site and locate your cell phone. Cell phone tracking is now easier than ever.

What is cell phone tracking?

My Phone Locator turns your phone into a gps tracking device. It is an easy to use Windows Mobile 6 cell phone tracking site that can assist you in finding your lost or stolen cell phone. Locating a device used to be quite difficult and expensive using the cell tower triangulation method. Now, more and more phones are coming equipped with GPS technology. This is what allows MyPhoneLocator to be offered for free!

Does it work on any phone?

Unfortunately no, your cell phone must be a GPS enabled Windows Mobile phone. The cell phones that have been confirmed working are: HTC Mogul PPC-6800 Smartphone (Sprint) AT&T TILT.

UPDATE - We are currently working on a new version of MyPhoneLocator so we can support more devices. Our next version will include most GPS enabled Blackberry devices. After we have completed the Blackberry version, we will focus on the iPhone and the Google Android platform. Check in soon for an update!

Location Based Advertising

This is not us selling your private location information to the highest bidder. What we are doing is offering a service to you, the consumer, a service that allows the user to be targeted with relative ads based on your surroundings. Advertisers are never aware of where you are located. This service has not yet been launched. The beta advertising is coming out soon. We will be offering the user the choice to opt out by paying a monthly service fee for MyPhoneLocator.

What does cell phone tracking cost?

My Phone Locator makes it free to track a cell phone. $0 down and $0 a month? I can afford that!

Supported Phones:

Any GPS Enabled Windows Mobile 6 Professional Device, if you have any issues please feel free to email me at

Cell Phone Tracking - Windows Mobile - Awesome video clips here